Sun star rising in the Scorpio Constellation 

Bright in the lives you touch  

There you are 

Lighting the way 

We behold you in all your glory 

Coming into this time and space 

First, tiny and loved in your parents arms 

You are whole in their brown eyes  

Along the way, you experienced life 

As all humans do, the ultimate reality like a dream 

Growing families, playing the roles we are dealt 

Until the eve of the return  

everything makes sense 

becoming complete  

Great comfort surrounds you 

Spirits lifted  


Once again that opulent, intricate eternal star 

Energy transformation 

Star dust glistening 

You know now, Before us 

The true reality 

What we are truly made of 

Returning to the stars  


*My original poem is dedicated to the memorial of my best friend’s brother, Yonni.

This original poem (poetry) is written and copyrighted by Juana M. Gumbs. All photography was made/taken by Ms. Gumbs, all rights are reserved by her in July 2021 (C)


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