The eyes are expressive features to the soul and she was roused by the passion that was emitting from hers. Standing in front of the warehouse women’s restroom mirror, Jules took a few quiet moments to ponder on her next move. Work started ten minutes ago, yet her first instinct is to scatter for refuge. Finally, when she felt ready to enter the main warehouse, work was not her top priority. First, her eyes shifted left and right, then she stepped forward to pursue her need…to touch. Giddiness rose from within, knowing that it was her secret ambition to touch those around her. The slight of hand, grazing hips, thighs, legs, breasts of females and occasionally the groins of male coworkers. She would usually say, “oops, my bad.” Then bop off, away to the next grapple, feel or brush pass in her wake. Still the face mask would conceal her deviant smirk and her heart would swell in content…

Her gait cool and steady while she methodically cruises through the open warehouse. Eyes skimmed the wide length of the area, sometimes averting to coworkers body parts. Her eyes were always busy as though casing the area for an opportunity to perform salacious crimes. Eventually, she settled on one particular individual whose shoulders were high and whose breasts and buttocks were ample. Jerica. Yes, that’s the one to watch for the day. Sly grin under her face mask as she approached.

This particular individual made it hard to resist touching each and everyday. Sometimes, she would just stare at the person from afar, once she made sure she wasn’t being clocked by anyone else. It was an intense game. She would always hope she wouldn’t get caught, people are quick to call sexual harassment these days and she couldn’t be victim to that system. Her mouth salivated as her tunnel vision fixed on the ample bosom of Jerica, which she set sights on, the goal. In her mind, the goal was to test her limits somehow. An opportunity to violate, but not seem deliberate in her actions.

There were many creative ways to commit to her deviant behavior. Even compliments can be a tool in order to push the envelope into subtle flirting. She would usually make the statement after, “I hope that didn’t offend you…and if it did, I’m sorry. I wouldn’t want you to feel sexually harassed.” Surprisingly, it worked in most scenarios. Projecting compassion or even concern as to how the individual may mistake it to be confused most people. Stunned and then confused them because now they thought she said something inappropriate but she then apologizes to cover her blunder. Another way she commits these invasive but undercover acts is to assist with a task or help out a targeted coworker but from time to time she would touch their hands when they are handing her objects or act as though she didn’t have enough space to pass behind them and mistakenly touch them and say “excuse me”.

Today, Jules would make the move that she contemplated for weeks now. This was Jerica’s first month working in the warehouse and this woman was oblivious to Jules’ stares and dirty thoughts. Jules have thought of many different ways to taste her. Fantasizing on and off the clock and Jules would touch herself, working up a creamy center from fantasies of being between this woman’s legs and holding Jerica’s buttocks in her hands while she licked her lower back, legs and warm juicy center folds of her puss. Jules imagined she’d stay there for a while while she watched Jerica’s eyes roll back in eternal ecstasy. Recalling the fantasy at work, while she craved in secrecy to kiss, suck and dig out this woman made her forget her surroundings. Jules has to remain cool and steady, but if the opportunity permits she would take Jerica to a dark corner in this warehouse and feed her need.

During lunch, Jules sat in her own car and watched as Jerica walked to a vehicle with dark tint glass. The tint was so deep that she couldn’t make out the driver, just a dark figure behind a steering wheel. It could be anyone, she imagined. Before Jerica entered the vehicle she slipped out of her steel toed boots and slipped on some slippers. Jules was eager to see her feet, imagining if they were as delicious. Instantly, she felt a warm flowing between her own legs as she was thoroughly invested in this pursuit.

Lunchtime came and went and it was back to sweating and grunting in the warehouse space. Sweating won’t stop Jules from touching people here and there. She commenced with her daily lewd behavior, because she can, of course. Eventually she would get around to vivacious Jerica and stare. If Jerica bends over or squat to loaf ya box, Jules eyes would record every movement she made in those tight olive green jeans. Each butt-cheek was a rounded “u” shape and her hips were wider than her waist. In fact, Jules decided that she must have a thirty-two inch waist with forty-five inch hips. Warmth came over Jules again and she wet herself heavily imagining her hands on that waist and then on the hips, then further south. No one knew what Jules thought and that made her wetter. She went to the bathroom to check the crotch of her pants.

Sometimes Jules would talk to Jerica. One day she came up to Jerica smiled in her face and said, “I really like your blue eyeshadow.” And Jerica thought nothing of it, then replied, “thank you”. Subtle approach worked. A week later, Jules told Jerica, “Those jeans look really nice. It seems as though you have a different walk with every style of jeans…” Jerica again thanked Jules and continued working. Jules laughed to herself. Only if she knew…

The restroom was a place of refuge to steal the work hours away. Jules would listen to Youtube videos, FaceTime and music in one of the seven cubicles in the restroom. After she had her fill on idling time, she walked out to the sink to wash her hands when Jerica walked into the restroom. Jules looked up at her, but continued washing her hands. And as Jerica turned and ducked into one of the cubicles, Jules maintained her cool. This may be an opportunity and she wants it. This particular restroom was in a remote part of the many warehouses which they worked. This may be an opportunity where she can test her limits with this catch. Let’s see…Jules waited for Jerica to come to the sink. She checked herself in the mirror because if things went down well, she might just get a bit further with this one.

Oblivious to Jules intentions, Jerica hurried to the sink to wash her hands. She washed her hands with care and Jules waited at the other sink, eyeing her every move. As soon as Jerica dried her hands Jules walked up to her and caressed her shoulders. She then moved to the face masks between them and softly kissed Jerica’s lips. They were supple as she imagined. With out protest, Jerica allowed the kisses and kissed Jules back which was the match that struck the light of passion between them. Jules was pleasantly surprised at the response. The response made her push for more but instead she allowed herself to linger with this make-out session and tasting her tongue and all the sensory details that they shared together.

At one point, Jules took Jerica’s hands and led her to a cubicle where they would discover the secrets within their flowers. Within the cubicle they held each other closer, rubbing their breasts and Jules feverishly unbuckled Jerica’s belt to loosen her tight olive green pants and unzip them. How she dreamed of what was in those pants and how much she yearned to taste her slits. But before she took off her jeans, Jules went on her knees as Jerica stood and Jules nipped her pussy through her pants. Jerica moaned loudly and threw her head back high with desire. Jules felt her own puss contracting creamy and hot. After a few nips of Jerica’s mound, Jules slowly tugged down the jeans smelling Jerica’s essence the whole while. She now became anxious and Jules took the middle finger of her right hand and played with Jerica’s clit, making circles around it before she plunged that finger into the sticky wetness of her cubby pussy. Jerica whispered breathily, “Oh…my…g-god!” Then, Jules moves her finger in and out, spreading her legs wider so that her pink inside was parted. And then the thought came, she should of had a strap on to use on Jerica and penetrate her differently. Yes, that’s the spot. That’s it…tighten around this finger, Jules thought. She then slowly took her finger out and sucked all the creamy luster off her fingers and her knuckles which the wetness soaked. “Mmmmmmm…you taste sweet. So savory…” Jules said as she looked Jerica into her eyes while she dug her long tongue between her cakie using her mouth to suck her inner and outer lips. The slurping sounds began to echo in the restroom as Jerica’s bit her lips and slid her eyelids closed, giving into this eros state.

This original blog post and short story was written and copyrighted by J. M. Gumbs. All rights are reserved by her. September 2020(C)


Suddenly awaken by his hands as they made their way to her waist and Naturi opened her eyes to see her love come in like the sunrise. The dark curtains shielding them from the early morning rays of the sun, though he was the brightest event of the day.

Though surprised by his visit, she smiled to herself as he slid into the bed behind her. The fragrance of his skin made her feel warm, safe and loved. It made her smile at the thought of just being. His hands left her waist to cup her nude buttocks and he gave it a light tap to see it bounce. As he did so, her face became warm as she blushed and giggled at his playfulness. Being held by him, she continued touching his face, looking at him and touched his long hair. His hair was out of its braids and she took these moments to play in his curls. His mane, dark luster, was moist with conditioner yet she played in it and twirled her fingers around the tufts of hair.

Finding herself enraptured by his beauty all about her, in the bed which they laid in comfortably. With one finger, he reached down to her lips, tracing them with his thumb. Naturi sighed, as her eyes slid closed in ecstasy, then she reached up to touch his bearded chin to caress it. She targeted his lips and softly kissed his firm lips. He returned her energy and kissed softly upon her heart shaped mouth. The pace of her heart quickened as they both sucked each other’s lips and tongue. Hungry with desire for the other, their hands found desired parts to hold and caress to make home there. Naturi’s moans and gasps told him where she most desired his touch and he listened for her pressure points. At one point, he whispered affirmations to her softly of want and need and gently removed her earrings from her ears. Before she comprehended what was occurring, he held his lips to her earlobe and hummed a quiet hymn. Then, softly, tenderly he took her lobe into his mouth and his tongue licked and his mouth sucked and it drove her insane with an unspeakable lust. Even he was surprised at her response but continued because it made him swell hearing and feeling her body writhed with every gasp.

All senses were heightened as the covers lifted and closed in on them as they were locked into each other. They both half naked already, began to pull at each other’s clothing to caress ripe breasts and throbbing buds. They never stopped making out, longing and lingering in those love locks. Him entering her and momentarily gasping at the tight, wet softness of her made Naturi sigh. She loved his every being and this would be how she would express her love. She created art with him…they would stir the paint together, at will and form this world in whatever masterpiece which comes forth from this love making. Art, filled with passion and longing, with a continuous climax one after another. This is what the lover of the morning sun brings…

This original blog post and short story was written and copyrighted by Juana M. Gumbs. All rights are reserved by her. August 2020(C)


“Where is it,” he muttered to himself.

The very last time Tonio saw his wedding band was before his afternoon swim. No, that was yesterday…or perhaps 3 days ago? But it has to be at the gym, he thought, still very frustrated.

Lucia, his wife had not noticed yet. Well, not to his knowledge. He quickly threw on some clothes, a jogger pant and a T-shirt, and ran out the house.

Pulling up to the gym, he became anxious, then steadied himself to perform the task of asking the front desk clerk a question.

“Hi, is there a lost and found box? I need to find an item that I think I left here.” He avoided eye contact with the clerk. He dreaded telling them what he lost.

The clerk put on the most sincere grin and asked, “sure, I’d love to help! May I ask what was it that you lost?” Concern on the clerks face, he was eager to assist. “Well…” hesitation from Tonio, “I lost my wedding band and…”

“Oh yes! A young lady brought us a wedding band yesterday. You are in luck!” The clerk said, he never missed a beat on showing pure sincerity. “Hold on for just a moment.”

The clerk moved swiftly going out of sight to retrieve the wedding band.

Tonio waited anxiously. He turned his back from the clerk’s desk. Relieved, he began wondering who turned in his ring. Who found it?

“Here is your ring, sir.”

Tonio turned to face the clerk. Stunned, he realized who it was and his jaw dropped.

This original blog post and short story was written and copyrighted by Juana M. Gumbs. All rights are reserved by her. August 2020(C)

SHORT STORY: AwAkEn (Limited)

It was a faint touch on the shoulder that stirred her from sleep. The sun crept across the window, but she wasn’t conscious of it in the least. The second touch was on her elbow, then on her ankle, then an aggressive tap on the brow. This rouse her from sleep abruptly.

She sat up quickly from the shock, realizing that no one was in the house she slept soundly in for the past several hours. Her breathing quickened and she searched around her bedroom, but there was no one.

All rights reserved to Juana M. Gumbs 08/2020

Photo: The Sticky Sweet Center (Poetry)

Fuchsia petals as a dress

Soft tulle blooms, reaching out

Inventing itself

As it sought to welcome you

Deep within, beckoning

Its world too small to glimpse

Lean in…

Then look closer…

Even closer…

Closer still…

All photos are my original photographs and all rights are reserved to Fruition’s Fiction Factory, June 2020.

Photography: Flower for Your Thoughts…

This is for this day…it sure has been revealing some things to me. I’m paying these revelations much attention…