Brief Narrative: DRUNK TEXTING…

After a long day at work on a Saturday…what a way to whine down than to take a sip of something that makes you lose yourself for a time. For a time, the thought was not there to drink…for drinking sake. Just a little sip, that makes you open up but while you are musing you decide to text your lover. Then, you find yourself uninhibited and professing things. Sure, you are trying to keep your senses about you, but with more sipping and clicking…well. Things go down a path unintended…maybe, you sent some pictures that were not intended to be seen by a living been, but it happened. The evidence is on the phone and well, on his phone too. Maybe, maybe I didn’t press send. I began to lose my senses and the absence of time, ever present as my head seems like it’s bobbing in a bucket of water, or liquor?

I exhale, and inhale, putting another sip of the drink to my lips. A margarita in a bottle…eight percent alcohol, but potent to my system. My tolerance for the drink is low. My body already giving response to it. I continue to text my boyfriend. Some things I write…well, I had not thought about what his response would be for some of it. My intentions was to be sexy, wooing…but not sure how it landed on his side of the phone.



Foreword: Dedicated to my Djehuty. Inspiration. You gave me the idea.

Anticipation still fresh with you

Ache, aching for what

For you to take every disdain away

Your lips finding mine and…

Your hips finding mine and…

Crackling, fireworks and sublime

Taking me back to climax

With no time to recover my breath

My ripe and tender breasts rise and fall

So full, so awake and alive still

You rouse me again

Taking my heartbeats wondering

Wandering hands lifting sifting shifting

Manuevering motions

Movement momentous

Dipped back you ride on

Pressure applied with major effect

Since you are a natural at making me

Making me trip off of you…

You, the rush to my brain when I take a hit

But you last longer…far longer

Lingering depth, you stand strong

Digging me out, hearing my sighs

Begging you please…please…please

Come inside

Pulling you near

When we are in bliss fits

Releasing in unison

Primal energy

In lower back chakra dips

Erupting profusely

Inducing highs off my cries

Pleading with me to look at you

As you are in me

Giving me spasms still

Keeping me forever suspended in your rapture

Disclaimer: This poem inspired by the love of my life. All photography or original art for this post was created by Juana M. Gumbs, AKA HetHeru. Thank you so much for your support. Please comment, criticize, make suggestions or say “hi”.

This is an original poem imagined, created and copyrighted in 2019 by Juana M. Gumbs. All rights are reserved by her.

VERSE: We Are Mighty

Foreword: This poem is dedicated to my greatest love, my inspiration, my Djehuty. You are love. You are loved.

We are beyond

We are diverse, but worthy

We are stars with planets of life and light

We are motion, flying forward and following no one

We are the wind, quick upsweeps and always landing on feet

We are invincible, immortal spirits roaming for a time then…

Travelling back to where we were conjured from

100,000 years or so, bringing back with us eternal knowledge

Wisdom fresh and renown

With all the answers presented in many lifetimes

Disclaimer: This poem was written in whim, from my heart to this blog, for my lover. Thank you so much for your support. Please comment, criticize, make suggestions or say “hi”.

This is an original work imagined, created and copyrighted in 2019 by Juana M. Gumbs. All rights are reserved by her.


Lingering in the outer reaches of the universe


Loving that which was in open

That with cosmic eyes CAN sought out

Unknowingly, Love unconscious of the trail

Left behind

That cosmic eyes CAN sought designs

To perfect, to what purpose imperfect

What CAN saw was mirrored

Reverse universe

To take part in for a little while, Love

A little while became more so home

Digging CAN put treasures in

Now known for where treasures grew

Studying something more divine

Studying himself no less

Love was the opposite to his opposite

Same to his same

CAN cursed it, thinking his thoughts undeserving

Syncing motives with clever intensions

Love was really CAN

CAN really Love

Love asking CAN “are you a god?”

Unknowingly, CAN disowned the thought

Thought Love a threat from learning

If CAN didn’t learn what that Love was before

CAN would Love with out question

Disclaimer: This poem is created off of pure inspiration in the universe that is within me, Het Heru AKA Juana. Please feel free to comment, criticize, make suggestions or say “hi”. This is an original poem created and copyrighted in 2019 by Juana M. Gumbs. All rights are reserved by her.


Pulling a trigger quickly, tapping the enter button to add the latest update on my blog. Eagerly, I make adjustments because I made last minute plans to go to The Vitamin Shoppe because I realized I haven’t eaten all day and the need for sustenance just registered to my brain. This sent signals to my tummy which moaned, woefully. The day was long and troublesome, eating was not an immediate concern, at the time.

So the blog was updated and I jumped into my stealtoe boots and ran out the house with a bag of garbage. Well, the bag of garbage was not going to the store with me, it was taken out…to an even larger trash can at the side of the house. I darted to the trash cans and fought off multiple critters and flying insects I could not immediately identify. Deposited the trash quickly without getting in nature’s way.

Finally, I got in the car and drove to The Vitamin Shoppe on Two Notch Road. For a Tueesday evening, the road was buzzing with cars. I prompted myself to stay conscious most of my drive there and noticed the brands of cars that jetted by me, going to nowhere most likely, because Two Notch Road is littered with traffic lights. You stop every half a mile or less.

I was ecstatic to arrive at The Vitamin Shoppe, it is like a health conscious individuals paradise. I was was there mostly, because my brain was actually egging me on to stop at the near by Sam’s Club and get a frozen yogurt instead and call it a night. But no, I had to do what was best for my body and purchase a powdered protein shake in order to take away from the guilt of not feeding my body while my mind was preoccupied with other frivolous things. Those frivolous things caused a aweful lot of bawling and snot and drool….bodily fluids to be fluid just before I finished that last blog. embarrassing

A dashing young man came through with a cart, not to shop with, but I assume he used it for the store since he worked there at the Vitamin Shoppe. I hope he never reads this blog, because he would laugh. So, I’m eye-balling the protein shake powders, reading about what they have, how much protein and all the million things they have in them, that I may desire. At one point, I saw a product and asked “what other pea protein products do you have, ” and he replied, “It has this product, see there is pea protein in the ingredients…” Duh. I knew I could look and see, but do you, young man know? Anyway, I moved on and perused some more. Couldn’t figure if I wanted the caffeinated vegan protein powders or the blasted regular vanilla or chocolate. Blah!

When I get to the cash register, he asked for my number so that they can find my account and I asked if I had gotten enough points to get a five dollar discount. I didn’t. I didn’t have enough points. As he was ringing up my items, I remembered I wanted another blending bottle to put my shake in. The store assistant stopped and showed me to the aisle with the blending bottle and their various uses. I picked one, but then he showed me one with a swirvel stick on the inside and I was like, “BINGO”. Ran back to the register, he’s ringing up my bottle then I see the ginger gum I wanted to try with my boyfriend. Other times, I would see it after I already paid and never bought it. This time…I was right on the money. I even asked the store assistant if they taste good. he said, “Some people like the cinnamon.” Ewwwwww…Ginger gum it is!

After I got my items, I jumped in the car. Drove around to the traffic light to go towards home when I discovered that I had dried snot and cold around my nose the entire time I was in the store. The store attendant propable was wondering “what is she on?” I cackled like a loon bird realizing that I was talking to someone face to face with dried cold on my face and they didn’t laugh at me…outright.

The End.

Disclaimer: I just wrote this on the fly. If there are any grammatical errors, they are made on purpose. That is what I mean when I say “writing in the raw.” Raw emotions, sentences may not be full sentences…things of that nature. Writing for fun! All photography posted on my blog is original artwork and photos taken by Juana M. Gumbs. Thank you so much for your support. Please comment, criticize, make suggestions or say “hi”.

This is an original work of an actual journal entry of mine and is copyrighted in 2019 by Juana M. Gumbs. All rights are reserved by her.


Without knowing where I came from or where I was going…and…wandering.

Walking along a path, I met a lioness with a flared crown above her head. This fearsome feline bowed before me, quietly. I was so taken back by the gesture that I asked, why?

This majestic creature, somehow without knowing me, felt as though I was worthy, but I clearly did not think so.

My question baffled the creature that it shook it’s royal head while it stepped back three times. The Crowned Lioness with great power and sekhem (might), this lioness that resided on top of a mountain and created and breathed ankh (life), this lioness with the healing waters and lands of the Nile within and took care of her people she loved. She loved for love sake, because it was her nature to nurture.

Then, she gestured for me to follow through the entire path and follow it to somewhere I have never been, a small cave with a pool of water three feet deep, and the walls were illuminated. Projected upon the walls where the water and the light danced in unison, created images. Those images flickered telling a story, about the lioness.

With her feline smirk, she watched upon my face and met my eyes, it was like the universe opened up for a long while. But, then she broke our gaze and looked at the wall. I guided my eyes there and saw the lioness with blood on her mouth and teeth and at war. The disturbing images played as a film on those slabs of gray stone. Wide and wild her eyes darted back and forth to all which she sought to destroy. This path only led her to destroy and feast on herself. Her wrath so hungry she could not quench it until consciousness arisen. Before that, she had to lay tired of feeling nothing but that wrath. The film played on while I looked at the lioness before me with worry and wonder. Her tongue, mouth and fur saturated with gore. Her talons bared and breaking flesh. Fighting because of fear? Unknowing? What had this crowned lioness done? Was this her past, future? Her present was in my presence along the path. She came to me quietly, knowing that I was out here in the world lost and confused about who and what I was and aided to me still. Licking my hand with her tongue, endearingly. Applying a balm to heal me, through my senses, though I had not understood what happened or where I was. Willing to me sanity to break through and find the truth, when no one in the world could.

I could not trust, because I could not trust myself. I could not love, because I did not know that I deserved love.

Instantly, she returned her sights upon me. Seeing I was in awe, she did not advance abruptly but took one step and bowed again. Without protest, I gazed into her eyes understanding, this time with more empathy than sympathy. I am now, where I needed to be again, to see. I am no one, nobody, and everybody all in one. In realizing this, the mighty lioness gestured to me to come closer to the little pond in the cave, where light exuded. Stepping lightly, I then kneeled beside her and looked in.

With my feline smirk and lion eyes, then in that moment a gasp escaped me. The image reflected my true self, which humbled me because I so loved that crowned lioness that rescued me from the path. She was me. That same lioness that was patiently loving me back with her grace, kindness, and strong will. Staring in the pond in disbelief, I then cried in realization of all I have done, suffered and was found again. From deep within the cave, the name was whispered to me as I was still in wonder, “Sekhmet”.

*Sekhmet is the Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) goddess of healing and health. She is a nurturer and a lover of nature. She is also one of the 7 forms of Het Heru. There is a tale that is told of Het Heru going to earth to avenge her father, Ra, and the form she chose for destruction was a lioness. Sekhmet is the lioness that was eventually guided by the goddess Djehuty, which came to her in a form of a baboon, telling her three stories, reminding her of who she really was until she became her goddess self.*

Disclaimer: This brief narrative or short story was created from my personal experience and my own spiritual practice and understanding. Thank you so much for your support. Please comment, criticize, make suggestions or say “hi”.

This is an original work of fiction imagined, created and copyrighted in 2019 by Juana M. Gumbs. All rights are reserved by her.

VERSE: Deep Deep Sigh


The when

The how

And why

With all the tools we choose

We disappear in each other’s moods

Confessing this and that’s we like

Giving the act more fire

Take me

Take me

To need it now

To kneel and sow

Please don’t pull out

While I give this blessed energy

To you and survive

I thrust up, perfect fit

I swear I became breathless, even reckless

Thoughts towards sweet death

Pleasing me

Mounting you, my movements

Intensions to

Stir it up


Too many to fathom

It is unfathomable

Blow a whole mind

You pleasure in committing this crime

No guilt because happiness grows there

I’ve never been here before

I never felt like this before

Loving you, continuously


You feast and devour

The entire time

Disclaimer: All photography posted on my blog is original artwork and photos taken by Juana M. Gumbs. Thank you so much for your support. Please comment, criticize, make suggestions or say “hi”.

This is an original work of fiction imagined, created and copyrighted in 2019 by Juana M. Gumbs. All rights are reserved by her.