VERSE: Wanderer, From In Between

My dialated pupils say

Bliss and to

Whisper sweet nothings

For nothingness begets itself in me

And we rise as one

floating on my feet

but everythings seems as though

It is from a dream

My vision is blinded

Yet I can see

Yet I can see and I scream in realization

Awaken, conscious with what erupted under

While I was under a spell

Bliss is wearing off

Wearing away my matter

As a stream of thoughts

Collide and I wonder

Am a wanderer

I’m rising to the surface

Blacked out and came back again

The haze became so great

So great I neared the point

where real and reality

Became two different things

To bear

Disclaimer: this poem was created from the universe within me. All photography and original art for this post was created or captured by Hetheru Mer Djehuty. Thank you so much for your support. Please feel free to like, comment, criticize, make suggestions or say “hi”.

This is an original poem imagined, written and copyrighted by Juana M. Gumbs. All rights are reserved by her.


2 thoughts on “VERSE: Wanderer, From In Between

    1. Well, actually…this one is about both dream and the reality within our physical sensibilities. Both are important, but we have to do a bit extra work to bring the flow of consciousness from our subconscious. We could learn lots about ourselves and the universe. Well, the metaphysics of it all! Thank you for your comments, I appreciate all of them!


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