Brief Narrative: Mother, May I?

Some people can experience their entire lives without ever encountering anything supernatural. Many may have one instance in their lives to experience a supernatural being, such as a ghost or demon. While there are others that experience supernatural occurrences on a regular basis or almost daily. In my lifetime, I have experienced demons and ghosts regularly. A stigma. No one wants a curse visited upon them, because you constantly ask why. Why me? Especially if you were born into it.

One night, I looked into the eyes of a real Jumbie. This was not my first encounter with a Jumbie, this was just the first time I can recall looking a Jumbie in the eyes. Jumbies or Jumbees originate from Caribbean mythical. They are creatures or supernatural entities, ghosts and demon manifestations that can appear to an individual as any being in any form it choses.

Late one night, I was roused by a light touch under my right foot at the bottom of the bed. Before I became conscious to the touches, I rubbed my eyes from sleep and half sat up. At the bottom of my feet was my mother. Now, I was not confused in my child’s mind this was my mother, though there were suspicious clues that alluded to something amiss. To describe what squatted at the bottom of my bed, which squatted and had not sat upright as my mother would if she entered my room through my bedroom door. Though the face was familiar, the bulging, watery eyes of this entity was wide and strange, almost too amused at the sight of me. It had all the soft features of my mother’s face and yet, was not my mother. The large teeth shone from what moonlight mixed with streetlights outside my window. But that grimace of a smile, held something wicked and sinister. Much more than I could comprehend at the time.

The creature, which I am convinced now was a Jumbie, began to engage with me as I asked it questions. I asked it, “Mammy, why are you here.” It replied, with it’s bright wide eyes and ominous white teeth grin, “I came to give you this.” Then, it turned to look in it’s left hand, which had a blue plastic hair comb. I turned and looked at that left hand and saw that my blood was on the hair comb. I had not felt a thing! There was a scratch on my toe, it seemed as though the entity gashed my big toe with the hair comb and it drew blood. I cannot remember what happened after looking at the blood on my feet. Not sure what happened directly after I realized that I was harmed in any way, but I must have fallen back into a slumber, one which was deep and wonderous. I did not fight against this being nor did I protest.

When I woke up that morning, I was eager to ask my mother about the encounter I thought we had. First thing though, I examined my right foot and saw that there was a visible gash on my big toe from the hair comb. The blood was dried but from a fresh cut. In seeing this, I got a chill down the narrows of my back to think that this was all true. Was it? The Jumbie can be a trickster. Why would it need my blood though? All of those thoughts fell away, as I asked my mother in my childlike sing song voice, “Mammy, were you at the bottom of my bed last night?” She stopped what she was doing immediately and answered confused, “Well, no…I had not been in your room at all last night.” As I suspected, it wasn’t my mother at all! But was it a dream or nightmare or spectral of my imagination? I suppose I will never know…


Dreamscape: Demons & Dragons

It was a dream about work or least, at first it seemed to be. The figures became more clear and distinct, and they were people that worked with me at my current job. I realized that I was in the middle of a department store floor while my co-workers were all running around with shopping carts, but as the big picture came into view I realized we were in a Walmart and strangers were all around us. They were shapeless strangers, coming in closer and closer. All the while my co-workers were in a full frenzy, their cart wheels clashing, carts banging into items and running over feet. As dreams do, the dream shifts gears and again I am in the first person view.

A thought was sent into my conscious mind while I am unconsciously dreaming that I will be moving into another scene as a being on the quest of very peculiar instances. A stark white woman, so pale her blue veins visible to the surface of her skin, dressed in a white pants suit with a satin blue tie. The woman was standing or floating outside my window. As if this scene was not scary enough, I drew closer to the window while I studied her movements from a brownstone apartment similar to those I have seen in Queens and Brooklyn, New York.

Suddenly I was whisked away from that scene and presented to another. This scene was a raid by soldiers on a home where demons dwelled. During this scene my subconscious gave me some background information, because it sensed my dread. The family was a family of demons. Yes, I was alarmed and terrified. Especially since the demon with a ghoulish grin, bearing smoke stained teeth, with bulging, waterfilled eyes came lashing out at me, spiting curses that became like fire. Unfortunately, his projected path from across his small living room was towards me. All of this was happening all at once. In that split second, I sensed from my subconsciousness as my mind projected to me, providing me the material to understand that I was in true danger, when in fact it was only…a dream. Unconscious to the facts, the fact being that this was just a dream, and at that very moment of the raid, an ancient sword materialized in my hand and with the power of the knowledge, I charged the ghoulish creature. 

The woman that was outside my window, climbed upon a radiant albino dragon. The dragon stared at me with large red pupils and a long neck with scales delicately placed. The woman, she rode upon the albino dragon, with features mixed between the lure of Eurasian dragon beasts. It’s scales were iridescent like the shells of abalone. From white to soft pastel pinks, soft baby blues…as it rose to the sky, light…light…light.