Lingering in the outer reaches of the universe


Loving that which was in open

That with cosmic eyes CAN sought out

Unknowingly, Love unconscious of the trail

Left behind

That cosmic eyes CAN sought designs

To perfect, to what purpose imperfect

What CAN saw was mirrored

Reverse universe

To take part in for a little while, Love

A little while became more so home

Digging CAN put treasures in

Now known for where treasures grew

Studying something more divine

Studying himself no less

Love was the opposite to his opposite

Same to his same

CAN cursed it, thinking his thoughts undeserving

Syncing motives with clever intensions

Love was really CAN

CAN really Love

Love asking CAN “are you a god?”

Unknowingly, CAN disowned the thought

Thought Love a threat from learning

If CAN didn’t learn what that Love was before

CAN would Love with out question

Disclaimer: This poem is created off of pure inspiration in the universe that is within me, Het Heru AKA Juana. Please feel free to comment, criticize, make suggestions or say “hi”. This is an original poem created and copyrighted in 2019 by Juana M. Gumbs. All rights are reserved by her.


  1. I love the word play you used in this one. I can see why your site has more poems that short stories. You are a poet down to your ebony bones, lady. Keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

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