Ex Erotica (An Adult Theme Short Series : Part 1)

This work was created by Jae Davis at The Thought Renaissance. Please read, comment, and show support. Thank you!
Hetheru Mer Djehuty

The Thought Renaissance

Apple Fruit CakieI found myself staring at him more times than I’d like to admit. He was insignificant in oh so many ways, but I found him to be remarkable. I’d often find myself watching his hands as he operated the heavy machinery outside. Even from that distance, the sweat on his exposed chest sparkled and glistened like gemstones, and I wanted each of them. I wanted the jewels he was ordained in.

I would watch him for hours from my apartment window. He worked for the state. They had been doing something to the water system just outside the neighborhood for weeks now. Everyday, the noise of the machinery would disturb me, and then his visage would ease my mind. His hands were always covered in those thick, gray gloves, but I could tell they were strong. The way he’d lift the manhole covers with ease always sent tingles up my…

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