SHORT SERIES: The Funny Business of Suite 305 and other Tales of Infamy (Episode 4)

Disclaimer: This is a Short Series of college stories that are either of true events. Please read episodes 1 and 2 first before reading. Thanks so much for your support.

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Short Series: Episode 4

                My suitemate, Rebecca Lopez, was already acting crazy as well. I also wondered if she’s on medication half of the time.

                Rebecca Lopez lived in the room across from May and I, within the same suite. You see, her sanity was also in question, regularly. One night, I stepped out of my room and saw Rebecca standing butt-naked, totally nude, in a dark corner of the small lobby between our rooms! This was buck wild and outrageous! This is a woman’s dormitory building, but no one would have liked to walk in on this scene. In astonishment, I said, “I’m sorry” and she replied cheerfully, “that’s okay!” No, it was not okay, it was terrifying! “Okay” people didn’t stand in their birthday suit’s in dark corners waiting to surprise a person whom just needed to pee in the middle of the night. I mean, I got crazy sometimes and got buck-naked in the privacy of my room, when my roommate went home every weekend. But I would do that privately, without giving someone a heart attack or a mild stroke. After I went into the bathroom, cautiously closing the door behind me, I heard her make sounds that crossed between a hyena-like laughing and hysterical crying. Frankly, I was really scared, and I couldn’t tell the difference between the two. Once I used the bathroom, I ran into my room, closed the door behind me and dared not to look back to see if she’s in the corner.

                Before Rebecca’s surprising debut, I was talking about her with my friend Malcolm. He was a junior, but we became friends after bumping into each other at the library. I felt that everyone should have a friend named Malcolm. Someone to gossip with and helped pick out cute clothes to wear. Anyway, I was expressing to Malcolm how bloody bitchy Rebecca could be sometimes. You know she would put on the air conditioner when it’s hot and the air came out hot, so it got even hotter! It won’t change! He was also telling me how cool she “used” to be her freshman year (she was also in her junior year), especially when she used to have “sexual relations” with Tyson “Panamanian god” Delgado. Well, she is bitchy now, that was all that mattered to me. There had been rumors (Malcolm told me) about Rebecca’s current boyfriend, Jorge Mateo, beating her. I didn’t know the truth, but sometimes I heard her in her room crying. I hadn’t seen her in three months until tonight. Malcolm and I also touched about her inappropriate clothing. She wore tight clothes all the time. I felt a lot of remorse for her because of the abuse she may have experienced. Maybe she would have been a different woman if those things did not occur.

                In the middle of my thoughts, my roommate dropped in talking about a party some fraternity was throwing tomorrow night. Partying was not my cup of tea, but hey, why not? It’s going to be club night tomorrow night, so all the girls down the dormitory hall pumped up their stereos and went buck wild in the hallways as they dressed in their “next to nothing” skintight outfits. I, on the other hand, stayed in my room with earplugs in my ears while reading knowledgeable books such as the “Isis Papers” and “The Miseducation of the Negro” or sometimes, I braided my afro, so that it would be fresh and clean the next day. By this time, tomorrow night, it would be my night to shine, so you know I had to hook up my ‘fro tonight. May and I planned to go along with some male friends of hers. I have no idea where she met up with these two. One of the guys, he said his name was Danny, drove the car while the other guy, Avery sat in the back seat next to me. May sat up front with Danny. They both chatted and laughed mostly with each other while Avery and I sat quietly in the back seat. After a few minutes during the ride he quickly introduced himself and asked my name and major. I took my time to answer and said, “My name is Jana and my major is in English”. I had not wanted to add much more information being that I may never see him again…maybe.

                We arrived at the party after ten-thirty in the night and the music was heard before we got there. Students stood outside the frat house, drunk from red and blue cups dancing or mingling or both.  Danny, May, Avery and I made the walk up to the frat house passing classmates some known and unknown. May and I walked side by side and was apparently nervous, she even curved her pinky finger to clasp my pinky finger as we walked in sync. Without speaking, I obliged and hung on with my pinky to hers and we glanced at each other not knowing what to expect when the door opened. This was both our first experience being in a frat house. Danny and Avery have been here before being that they both would like to pledge for this same fraternity one day. Throughout the night, the music blasted and thumped while May and I tasted our first sip of the spiked “punch”. That sip took us to cups and cups of punch, which had hidden ingredients we had no knowledge of even now. Danny came for May to dance a slow song and Avery attempted to ask me for a dance, I accepted after he asked three times. Third times the charm.

                Morning comes about quickly, and I sat up in bed to survey the small clustered room. May sat at the desk writing or something. The writing seemed intense, so I assumed that it was a letter or something. I greeted her and quickly entered the daily ritual of brushing my teeth and took a shower.

                My nine-thirty class was mad boring and irritating as well. Everyone in this class acted as though they wanted to throw rotten apples at the professor. He just stood there and blah blah blah for an hour and a half. Half of the time I sat there and wrote poetry or passed notes to the person next to me asking for gum. It’s senseless, I knew. It made my brain numb my limbs. But I was also…I blanked out for a second there. I couldn’t help it, but I needed my sinus medicine this morning, so now I was drowsy and irritable. All last night’s activities and drinking the “punch” concoction at the frat party. A fantasy came into mind…after this class; I would crawl into my warm soft comforting bed. It was calling out my name…I blanked out again! “If you let your emotions control you…” Dr. Solomon blabbed on and on, creating a web of boredom. If I was to let my emotions control me at this moment, I would conquer him and set the class free from this torment. Then, I would become the heroine of the day, standing on his desk with my left arm raised high into the air, my right arm fixed on my waist and my left leg bent and on the top of his bald head! But that’s just a fantasy…man, would I stop blanking out!

To be continued….

**All Stories in this Short Series: The Funny Business of Suite 305…is of true, actual with a touch of fantasy events I encountered in my college experiences.

5 thoughts on “SHORT SERIES: The Funny Business of Suite 305 and other Tales of Infamy (Episode 4)

    1. Well…it was strange, one night, I came out of my room into the suite lounge we shared and she was by the window in the dark one the telephone actually. I was light enough for me to see that she was nude and had a phone to her ear, but not bright enough for me to see everything. lol I don’t know why she did it, knowing other people live in the suite. I kind of wish I asked her days later about that scene…oh well.


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