VERSE: Pain, Flowers & Honey

06/18/2019 journal in prose of my day…to encourage myself and anyone else who has loved hard and have had their heart broken. There is hope that someone can love us just as hard for as long as we live. (Featured photo is of me when I was 11 months old.)

I’m beginning to feel that pain and love

Are the same emotions

Because to sometimes have one


Is to sometimes have the other


Both hold hands and play but can be joined


Inspiration and epiphany


Extreme bliss


Transparency and openness




The only way to cope

When that person has powers to maim

The worst is that their intentions was not to aim

Yet still, they leave the subject of their love to blame

I have only truly had a broken heart 3 times

From that same individual of all my affections

Those 3 wounds

Have me displaced and ghosted my heart

Left in a state of wandering

Faced with the task to recover

My strength notwithstanding

I will survive the blows that have befallen me

Because there is someone out here in this desert

That can appreciate the flower that I offer

Deeming themselves worthy of my perpetual attentions

Honey intentions without a regret or resent

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