SHORT SERIES: The Funny Business of Suite 305 and other Tales of Infamy (Episode 3)

Disclaimer: This is a Short Series of college stories that are either of true events. Please read episodes 1 and 2 first before reading. Thanks so much for your support.

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Short Series: Episode 3

                May. That’s the name of the girl that slept in the bed adjacent to mine. She acted as though the world would end when the toilet clogged. No. The world would end if the toilet exploded in the result of a huge number! But, of course, I wouldn’t know…it may or may not have happened to me before. Anyway, changing the subject quickly…I know she’s a sweet kid and all. She said “hi” when she entered the room and “bye, see you later” when she left. Except for last night, she was a pretty neat person. She took messages well, too. Really, did I even know her? I just realized that I knew nothing about her. Well, I know she’s a freshman like me and she might be eighteen, also.

            Her mother, Helen, called about twice a week and boy did she have mouth on her! The first time her mother called, and I answered the phone, I was almost deafened! Her voice was high pitched and almost to a squeal.

                “Hello, is May there? This is her mother!” She sounded like she was playing a game by the name of “holler as loud as you can.” I answered, of course, after I was finally able to put the phone to my ear.

                “She isn’t in right now; would you like to leave a message?” I offered.

                She in return, answered, “Yes, could you tell May, that I, her mother called to see if she took her medication, and oh…I hope she’s wearing the glasses I bought her? Well, is she?” Lady, why you asked me?!? I only noticed glasses in the picture on May’s desk, but I hadn’t seen her wearing them in real-life. The picture was of May and her mother standing side by side, but they never touched in the picture just stood with their hands clasped in front of them. May wore a yellow plaid and white dress with sleeves up to her elbows and the length of the dress was below her knees. Her hair was combed back in one, delicately, with the ends of her ponytail flowing over her shoulder. As they stood there in the photo, they both smiled, smiling without showing their teeth, their lips seem pursed and tight.

                I snapped back to the present moment and so, I lied to Helen pertaining to her questions. “Yes, she’s been wearing her glasses why? Isn’t she supposed to?”

                “Of course, I’m just making sure everything is in order. Please, let her know I called and to return my phone calls, immediately. Thank you.”

                Later, my roommate thanked me for lying for her, but she chickened out. “I didn’t know you lied for me, so I told her everything! I even told her that…”

                “What?” That what? I was suspicious now.

                “Oh, I can’t remember!” She blurted out while throwing her arms in the air, avoiding eye contact.

                Now I remember! Suddenly, it became clear to me. “I can see clearly now, the rain is gone,” was the song that now played in my head. I just remembered when her mother asked about May taking medication. What kind of medication I wonder? Maybe that is “what” May was not able to remember or what she didn’t want me to know…That girl was crazy as hell!

                The next time her mother called I was going to ask “So, what type of medication, for what kind of mental disorder is she taking medication for?” It’s got to be a mental disorder! Definitely, she wasn’t right in the head, especially after last night, putting poop in bags and bringing it into our room was insane. Besides, when that clogged toilet thing happened to most people, they just walked away and pretended the next guy or gal did it. But again, I didn’t know anything about that either…humph. I needed to know if she’s psychotic, so no funny business occurred while I slept.

To be continued….

**All Stories in this Short Series: The Funny Business of Suite 305…is of true or actual events I encountered in my college experiences.

6 thoughts on “SHORT SERIES: The Funny Business of Suite 305 and other Tales of Infamy (Episode 3)

  1. You should put a disclaimer at the beginning of this post saying that it is a continuation of the other story. I’d also put the link to the other story up there too. Talking about poop in bags is confusing to new readers that hadn’t read the first one.

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