I must apologize for my lack of content lately. Somehow, I have been hit with “The Wall” or some may call it, the writer’s block. My writer’s block manifests itself in two ways, I have noticed. One, I will write a story and it would be so good and juicy with content and flow. So good, I’d lick my lips and eagerly type every line and then…thought lost. Nothing. I can’t finish the story for some odd reason because it feels like my thoughts has fallen off a deep dark cliff. That is one instance of my writer’s block. The second instance is that I can’t think of anything to begin with, body content or even an ending. This is frustrating and I would applaud any writer that can tell me confidently that they have created or found a cure for such a thing that plagues writers. The writer’s block…it is an author killer, is it?

Currently, I do have a few projects that I am working on, mainly subjects in folklore and childhood actual events. Please bare with me.

Please let me know if you have any cure or know of one from a friend for this frustrating condition. Can anyone relate? I need HELP.

Thank you. Stuggling Author. Hetheru Mer Djehuty

8 thoughts on “Journal: A WRITER’S NEMESIS – WRITER’S BLOCK “Help”

  1. I can definitely relate. I’m currently trying to start and complete a short story right now, but I have four lines written…and I’m absolutely lost…lol. When you find this mythical cure for writers block, please share it with me!!!

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      1. The universe tries its hardest to keep all its secrets to itself. Selfish ass universe! I dont see it writing a dope ass blog.

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      2. I’m pretty sure that I’m the universe. I’m not sure how…but…it just feels right to believe that…lol.

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      3. I will always support you in every decision and all your writing projects. You are a natural talent, please pursue it to not only achieve notoriety but also to share your own journey/world and to also heal.


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