The Invite (Short Story Time)

In response to my “Dreamscape: Wants Too Much” Jae gives his point of view as the suitor in the story. He did a dope job, I love it! Great artist, better than me and talented writer. Muah

The Thought Renaissance

A cool burst of wind buffeted against me as I waited for you. The Forest was dimly lit, but comforting under the moonlight’s kiss. I counted the breaths before you finally arrived, unexpected, yet invited.

You stumbled into view after years of moments had passed. A yellow tapestry of silk covered your beautiful brown skin, leaving only the mahogany glow of your arms and legs exposed for me to peruse with my eyes. I was lost in the maze of your skin. You shivered slightly as the wind blew between your thighs and I longed to be your source of warmth. I bit my lip in anticipation as I walked towards you.

Your Nubian eyes shined like quartz in the greyed forest. Your lips quivered as the cool night stole kisses from them. I followed your curves down to your bare feet, surrounded by grass and lily flowers. I followed…

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