Dreamscape: Want Too Much

From what I can remember since this dream was much hazier than most, but I now seek to forget.

It begins in a much unlikely place, a forest, but through a progression became the woods. I looked down the length of my body and foundd that I was dressed in a nightie, one which was modest and bright yellow with small bouquets. One of the straps for my nightie, fell off my shoulder, bearing the soft dark skin of my arm. My hair was flowing over my shoulders and I got a few shivers which made the forest much inviting still. The stillness was around me as suddenly, and I found myself in the center of the forest, how did I get here?

There was a stranger, where the forest ends and the woods began. At first, I could not make out features to see who or what it was, but I sought to speak to them in this dream state. When I uttered a word, smoke or cold air came from my breath. The stranger became unsettled and shifted their body towards me. It seemed like forever before they positioned themselves in full view, from their head, facial features materializing, then shoulders, torso, arms, legs, feet. The stranger only stepped into the light silently, no sound made with their footfalls as they stepped into the moonlight, closer and closer towards me…And as the stranger came in, more into view, I saw that…it was you.

You were the dark stranger and you took my breath away when I tried to utter a word to you, you took my life force. You were beautiful in the moonlight as it shown on your dark curly hair, your eyes that hypnotize and your hands outstretched. By the time you got to me, a cloak of darkness took me to the inner realms of the woods where I was roused. I feared at first, but then you assured me that you are not here to harm me or for me to harm you. After you watched me in consideration for a few moments, you beckoned me deeper inside your shelter. My hand in yours, you gently took me to where you desired and we both fell in a dark hole. The dark hole took us to another place where we saw many possibilities for us. The realities could be felt as we witnessed them. You turned to me and I gazed into the iris of your eyes and witnessed your universe and how it would be if I was in it. And as I felt myself falling into you, I saw the dark and unfamiliar parts of your universe, and they were like magnets trying to inhale me into the unknown region that was also you. But I wanted too much, I wanted all of you, both light and dark, both heavenly and nefarious. It felt like an eternity and an eternity that I fell and stumbled and fell and stumbled, to find myself in a garden without sun and cloudy skies with no end, my stranger was nowhere to be found. One tear slid down my face and hit the dirt before me, between my bare feet.


4 thoughts on “Dreamscape: Want Too Much

      1. So provocative. Creative juices, naughty. But I really liked the scene you created and I could see this spinning off into a really nice story…for me to tell…lol. It’s mine now!

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