VERSE: First MAN – First WOMAN


And so it began

How we came to be

Our true essence hidden within nature

Where our only memories are of the COSMOS

In which we are tied

Equal we are made children of NUT (Newt)

Created of nothing else

but casts with names


The spirit-treasures eternal

In our hands we are given the tools

To mold to dig within and join

Our true inheritance


You, first MAN

I, first WO-MAN

Given an ancient ritual to perform

The talents provided by Creator Seed

Who has given us EARTH

Our duty to give it GREAT BIRTH

to multiply worthy consciousness


2 thoughts on “VERSE: First MAN – First WOMAN

  1. The Goddess of Love writes a poem about making love. How did I not see this coming? I have to say though…you have a way with figurative language. When you said, “our only memories are of the cosmos,” I felt that. Keep this up! I need more to read!

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  2. LMBO on goddess of love. I rather love than fight or fright. I’m posting everyday this weekend. I have plenty content in my pot if gold. I hope you stick around to tangle yourself into my world, stay for more than a while. My figurative language is natural to me. Others are talented in math and equations…


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