Sunrise Tahina; Imagine the Desert Oasis

I am honored to have your presence. Thank you!

This is my first blog or experience with a platform like this other than having a social media account. I needed a place to express myself in ways that I could not gratify through the most common social media sites and was inspired by a friend’s WordPress posts. 

This will be my universe…I am here to provide you with a view. My fictional writing is in a way an imitation of life, my life, but a way to express those imitations without betraying my reality and those within it.

I promise to be as descriptive, intrinsic,  and also to magnify the inner mind’s eye, wildest imaginings and earn your audience. Also, you will learn a lot about me as well. *smirk*

“Every man gotta right to decide his own destiny.”. — Bob Marley

  1. I really enjoyed the short story. I could actually envision everything that was taking place. It was very funny!!! Great…


2 thoughts on “Enters…Universe

  1. I thought I heard the musings of a pixie queen on this side of the web. I’m so glad you’ve decided Tom make your presence known. I sincerely look forward to reading any and everything you post. You know I’m already super interested and this was just the introduction…lol. Plus! I’m your first comment! I’m loving your space so much already and can not wait to prop my feet up and lounge around your blog for days, weeks, months, or years to come.

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